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Wealth Management & Financial Planning

Taking Care of You in Your Estate Documents

Crafting estate documents that not only take care of your loved ones after you're gone but also prioritize your well-being while you're still here, especially during mental decline, is like writing a personal roadmap for the next chapters of your life. It is important that you plan for the stops that occur in this journey. We are going to talk about the four critical documents that you need along the way.

   1. Advanced Healthcare Directive
Picture this – an Advance Healthcare Directive is like having a heart-to-heart conversation with your future medical team. It's your chance to express how you want to be cared for when words might fail you. From life-saving measures to organ donation, it's your voice echoing through the corridors of healthcare decisions. It is so important to have this determined in advance, so that your loved ones are not put in the gut-wrenching position of guessing your wishes at an already emotional time.

   2. Durable Power of Attorney
Think of a Durable Power of Attorney for Finances as choosing a financial co-pilot. This document hands the reins to someone you trust when managing bills, investments, and financial matters becomes a bit too much. It's like having a steady hand to guide your financial ship through uncertain waters.

   3. Living Will
A Living Will is like a heartfelt letter to your future self and your caregivers. It ensures that your desires for end-of-life care are honored, sparing your loved ones from making tough decisions. It's your way of saying, “This is what matters to me; please respect my wishes.”

   4. Revocable Living Trust
Imagine a Revocable Living Trust as a magical box that holds your assets, granting you continued control. It's not just about passing on wealth; it's about managing your assets, even if cognitive challenges arise. Becoming incapacitated can be one of the hardest realities to face, yet statistics show that in all likelihood, this could very well happen. You did not make sacrifices and work hard your whole life for your money to be squandered in a way that does not match your goals and values. That is why having a trust that protects you in the event of a cognitive decline is so important.

In essence, these documents are more than legalities; they're personal narratives, telling the story of your preferences, values, and the way you want to navigate the challenges that may lie ahead. Just as you would share your dreams and hopes with a close friend, consulting with legal professionals and your trusted financial advisor versed in elder law can help weave your personal touch into these documents, making sure they truly reflect your unique journey. Typically, when we think of estate documents, we tend to consider only how we want our assets passed to our loved ones. Don’t forget that your documents also need to take care of YOU.

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