Wealth Management & Financial Planning

Wealth Management & Financial Planning

Aaron Rheame

Partner and Chief Investment Officer

Myers Briggs: ESFP – The Performer

About Aaron’s career, position at FEG and his family:

My career choice to become a financial advisor came at a young age. My attraction to the financial services industry began because I had the blessing of watching my Uncle Mark create a successful career by taking care of people and their finances. This profession seemed very rewarding to me so I decided in high school that this would be the career that I would pursue.

Built into my core is a servant-driven heart, a strong work ethic, a passion for my faith, and a love for my family and friends. I have been married to my wife, Jessica, for 14 years and together for 18 years. Jess has a doctorate in Physical Therapy and spends her time working with students in the Frankfort school system who have disabilities. We have three beautiful daughters, Isabella, Ellison, and Allegra. And of course, our dog, Millie, who is a Vizsla but honestly, we think she might be a human trapped in a dog’s body.

Because of my heart and faith, I decided to attain the Certified Kingdom Advisor designation. This designation allows me to confidently integrate my professional expertise and biblically wise counsel in my financial advising role. I also am working towards receiving my Certified Financial Planner (CFP) credential to better serve my clients.

I enjoy helping people in many facets of their life. Something I came up with is the Fives of Life. The Fives of Life are Faith, Family, Fitness, Friends and Finances. I firmly believe that maintaining a healthy relationship with these five essentials of life is crucial in living a full and happy life. As a financial advisor, my number one goal is to serve my clients in the best way I can. Sharing my experiences and my knowledge over these five essentials of life is important to me.

As a financial advisor, I get the opportunity to serve people every day. So, if you are looking for a driven and hardworking financial advisor to serve you and your family, I would love to take the time to meet with you to see how I can best serve your needs.



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