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Wealth Management & Financial Planning

When to Claim Social Security

As retirees approach their golden years, one of the most common questions they face is when to claim Social Security benefits. However, the uncertainty of how long one will live during retirement creates a significant challenge, making the decision to claim benefits a daunting task. A well-thought-out retirement income plan is essential to ensure a comfortable life without the fear of running out of money. This article explores Social Security's crucial role in retirement income planning, the various claiming strategies available, and the importance of seeking professional guidance to make informed decisions.


According to the Social Security Administration, for just over 60 percent of retirees, Social Security represents more than half of all their retirement income. In 2020, roughly 65 million Americans received over one trillion dollars in Social Security benefits. Social Security is a core part of the retirement picture in the United States. Social Security is the cornerstone of retirement income for many Americans, and it delivers a steady stream of lifetime income that adjusts for inflation. In 2023, the increase in Social Security benefits went up by 8.7%. You cannot outlive your Social Security benefit, even if you only spend one day in retirement or 40 years.


Deciding when and how to claim Social Security benefits is a complex and unique process. It is important to understand that there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Multiple strategies are available for claiming benefits, and the choice you make should be based on various factors specific to your situation.

Factors such as your current savings, health status, legacy goals, and potential future taxes all come into play when making this decision. Timing is also crucial; you have the option to start receiving early benefits at the age of 62, which will result in a lower payout, claim them at your full retirement age, or delay claiming until you reach age 70, which will yield a higher payment.


Moreover, your choice can have implications for your spouses’ income if you are married. Considering all these factors, it becomes evident that thoroughly analyzing your unique circumstances is essential before determining the best Social Security claiming strategy for you and your family.


Delaying benefits, if financially feasible, could mitigate the risk of outliving your retirement funds. By doing so, you will receive a higher monthly income from Social Security when you eventually claim it. Additionally, this approach may enable you to strategize drawing from tax-deferred assets, such as IRAs, potentially reducing future required minimum distributions (RMDs) from such accounts.


In conclusion, deciding when and how to claim Social Security benefits is a crucial choice that can greatly impact your financial security during retirement. It requires careful consideration of numerous variables tailored to your unique circumstances and life situation. Seeking assistance from a fiduciary professional who understands claiming strategies can be highly beneficial before finalizing your Social Security benefit choices. At Financial Enhancement Group, we know that each family's needs are different, and personalized planning is essential for a secure retirement.


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