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You’ve done the heavy lifting. You said no to things you could have purchased, choosing instead to keep yourself on track financially. That hard work has earned you a complimentary invitation to Your Next Steps meeting. Your time in this consultation will be well invested.As a child, I experienced many challenges stemming from confusion over money. Because of those experiences, I wanted to help people meet and overcome their financial obstacles. I believe people work too hard to live with regrets over money. It didn’t seem fair then, and it still doesn’t. So more than 32 years ago, I began my journey toward helping others reduce their financial regrets.In 1997, we founded the Financial Enhancement Group. Our mission was clear: to help people make sound decisions and avoid financial frustration and devastation. Recognizing early that no single person can pay enough attention to all aspects of the complex, ever-changing financial world, we assembled a team of professionals. The Financial Enhancement Group consists of over 25 professionals collaborating for people just like you. We will use our collective expertise to guide you on your financial journey, just as we have for over 1,000 families like yours.
This is about you, not about us.
You will not be put into a one-size-fits-all box with everyone else. You are unique. We will learn your financial objectives and vision, discuss your current financial situation and, together, simplify your financial journey.You deserve a fiduciary, not a salesperson. During your Your Next Steps meeting, there will be no sales offers for insurance products such as annuities. We base our compensation on providing advice and helping you preserve and grow your nest egg. The more you benefit, the more we benefit.As fiduciaries, our interests align with yours. Everyone loves having options. Many of us worry about making the wrong decisions. We are excited to share our skills and experience to help you make the wisest decisions. We appreciate the opportunity to be of service and look forward to being a part of Your Next Steps.

Joseph A. Clark, CFP
Co-Founder and Managing Partner,
Financial Enhancement Group, LLC
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What To Expect & Bring With You

Here is short 2-minute video from our Managing Partner on what you can expect at Your Next Steps meeting and what to bring with you.

Your Financial Journey

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This is about you and your financial journey. We will give you things to consider today, things to consider in the future, and if we chose to partner together, what FEG will do for you.

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The Fiduciary Focus

Your process to making more informed financial decisions.

The Fiduciary Focus was designed to reduce your financial regrets. The decision checklist identifies four specific considerations critical to the success of your financial journey. It can be overwhelming to make complicated decisions. The Fiduciary Focus provides a way of providing clarity and reducing complexity in choices we all have to make.

The four concerns discussed below are what we have seen to be the biggest determents to a family’s financial future. As your financial guide, it is our job to help you make the best decisions for you and your family.


Risk and Volatility: Positive and negative surprises occur in the financial markets every day. Our in-house investment team is in place to monitor your investments and react when necessary.


Fees and Expenses: To protect your nest egg, we track both expected fees and hidden expenses so that you can know exactly where your money goes and do not overpay.


Taxes: We implement different tax strategies throughout your financial journey, while focusing on each tax return. Once the IRS has your check…it rarely comes back. An accurate and efficient tax plan is critical to Your


Life After Work. Real Return: Over time, the power of inflation can diminish your retirement income. It’s crucial to plan for inflation so that your financial vision becomes a reality.

Financial Planning Fiduciary

Family Focus® Process and The 5 Critical Elements

Your financial journey has five planning issues that require continual oversight. We guide you through those reviews covering these five areas in each annual update.

Collectively, The Five Critical Elements can make your life after work either more enjoyable or more miserable. Each element matters, and they work together.


Your Life After Work: It’s called “retirement,” but few people leave their old job and simply sit on the porch. Rarely does a person simply stop doing things when they exit the workforce. You may or may not choose a paid position in this stage of life, but rest assured, life continues. We will guide you to fulfill your plans, not ours.


Annual Tax Planning: Nothing we have witnessed separates families from a great retirement more than the confusion and frustration of unexpected taxation. The U.S. has two tax codes, one for the informed and one for the uninformed. FEG works with expert accountants to keep you abreast of tax code changes and strategies. You deserve to be informed.


The Investment Playbook: We will monitor your portfolio weekly and make changes as markets dictate and as opportunities emerge. You will receive a weekly video update on important economic information.


Life Happens—The Good, Bad and Ugly of Life: Life comes quickly! Our mission is to help you respond appropriately when necessary (rather than to react abruptly) and, when possible, to plan for probable events in your life. What you may experience once or twice in a lifetime, our planning team deals with on a monthly basis. Our processes were developed over three decades of advising families just like yours.


Your Legacy Plan: Your legacy is about more than just money. You deserve to pass on your hopes, values, and resources to your beneficiaries in a simple, cost effective, and manageable structure. We work with specialized estate planning attorneys to guide you through legally and financially complex situations, as well as the often emotional challenges of building a sound legacy plan.

Your Next Steps

We believe everyone deserves fiduciary guidance. Our team is committed to providing financial insight that helps the families we serve reduce their financial regrets and move them closer to their financial objectives.


This is about you, not about us.


Your Next Steps meeting is our brand promise. For more information about what to expect during your meeting please watch this short video from our Managing Partner Joe Clark, CFP and click here to schedule a meeting if you haven’t already. 

We look forward to hearing you!

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If you request a “Next Steps” meeting, we will discuss with you things you should do today, things to consider tomorrow, and if we choose to partner together… a written plan on what Financial Enhancement Group can do to help meet your goals.

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