Welcome to Part Three of Financial Enhancement Group's Legacy Planning Video Series

Delve into Specific Elements of Your Estate Plan

Enjoy the three videos below, created for you by yours truly, Joseph A. Clark, CFP®. 

Our hope is not only that you learn a few things, but that we create a few questions for you. 

Why? Well, because the more active role you take in creating your Legacy Plan… the stronger your plan will be. 

What does that mean? It means your wishes will be carried out and all of the hard work you put in pays off!

Optimizing Retirement Accounts

  1. The Role of Specialized Trusts in Estate Planning
  2. The Challenge is the Custodian
  3. Using Three Different Trusts

Who's In Charge

  1. Cutting Through the Legalese
  2. The Role of a Trust Protector
  3. Dealing with the Challenge of Incapacitation

Successor Trustees with Different Job Descriptions

  1. A Critical Trustee Selection Dilemma
  2. Conflict of Interests in Trustee Selection
  3. Ensuring Your Outcome Matches Your Intention