Wealth Management & Financial Planning

Wealth Management & Financial Planning

Financial Advisor


Reports to the Manager of Advisor Operations (MOAO)


Initial and Ongoing Core Job Responsibilities include:

  • Actively participate on the Planning Team calls, learn FFP concepts and demonstrate ability to convey FEG’s processes and services to families
  • Full understanding of all Advisor planning software
  • Client data maintenance (CRM)- FEG utilizes CRM systems for recordkeeping, compliance records, and details regarding any/all communication with our client base.
  • Conduct Family Updates for FEG’s allocated family base
  • The Advisor position is considered the first line of contact for families and maintaining these relationships will be an essential part of the role.
  • Any additional responsibilities will be referenced in the Advisor roles and responsibilities appendices

FA’s are the main point of contact for all family communications and are responsible for the following:

  • Discussing planning strategies with Senior Advisors and communicating with para’s
    • FA’s will be responsible for confirming follow-up after each meeting with the Para and scheduling individual meetings with the Para, as needed to complete follow-up items
  • Meeting prep sheet and follow-up email sent after every family update (Attached to Practifi task and email linked to household)
  • Follow-up must be documented in the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system
    • If you are communicating with a client or have discussed something with the team, you MUST document this in the CRM software. (Your word will not suffice)
  • Must follow 24-hour rule regarding client-related phone calls and emails (Para’s should NOT be answering planning questions)
  • Tasked with scheduling family appointments unless otherwise stated by Seniors who prefer to schedule top families or those on FEG Express
    • FA’s will follow the four attempts of contact for each family, reaching out via phone at least three times
    • The fourth attempt of contact will be approximately 30 days after the initial three contacts
    • FA’s are also responsible for rescheduling any meetings that have been canceled or moved, including any tasks or calendars that need updated
  • FA is responsible for making sure the Para is equipped with the necessary information for the Para to make phone calls or complete general follow-up with families
    • This may also include, but is not limited to, 10 % free withdrawal paperwork, account rollover paperwork and in-service withdrawals

While employed by the Company, you agree to work on a full-time basis, exclusively for the Company and agree that you shall not, be employed, or engaged in any capacity, in promoting, undertaking, or carrying on any other business that competes with the Company or interferes or could reasonably interfere with your duties to the Company without our prior written permission.


  • FA’s will be responsible for participating in alternating bi-weekly Planning Team and Advisor training meetings
  • Required to create and update concept pages for accuracy and planning purposes [Will be assigned by Manager of Advisor Operations (MOAO) and are to be presented to the Planning Team]
  • Understand and operate the various planning Advisory software
  • Explain paperwork processes to clients (May require additional training for some)
  • FA is responsible for providing any information the Para needs to create documents (what models and account restrictions or billing details that need discussed, including rep codes and segmentation of the relationship in the CRM)
    • Once accounts are opened and money has transferred, FA is responsible for scheduling 30-day review to ensure that client and team are on the same page.


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