Defined Distribution
cPe class: Group Live March 9th 2021

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Defined Benefit plans began to fade away in the late 1970’s and were replaced with Defined Contribution plans. The contribution amounts were small and there was no consideration of behavioral finance issues as people aged and account sizes grew. As the baby boom generation reaches an era of distribution, it is critical that professional Advisors understand the different objectives and challenges in the different periods of finance. The Defined Contribution plans become Defined Distribution Plans where you can design your own plan, have the IRS dictate your withdraws, or die and let your heirs sort it out. This program is designed to answer questions, provide strategy and give you more confidence in directing your clients.

Course objectives:

– The unintended consequences of a $1,000,000 tax deferred account and why people don’t use the money they saved…until they have to.

– The three phases of finance and the challenge of distribution.

– The Secure Act and beyond for IRA beneficiaries.

-Field of study: Taxes

-2 CPE credits


-no cost

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